Artist Statement 

Art has always enthused my being from a very early age. I found that art is a way I can express myself without saying too much, or anything at all. Drawings and paintings were my first creations. The curiosity to start taking my own photographs, allowed me to study the imagery and create drawings/paintings from my captures.

Photography has lead me to look at the world in more detail than I realise. Visuals aren’t my only motivation - I have also found myself drawn to lyrics, quotes, film, or fascinated in something I may have overheard, which keeps me inspired. Using photographic lens based media rather than drawings, I am able to capture reality in the most surreal state. The utmost beautiful thing about art in any medium, I find, is the heart felt emotion that can be experienced from anywhere in the world. 


Award: Bachelor of Arts with Honours Photography

Class: First Class Honours


Group Exhibitions: 

House Of Blah Blah (2015) 

Degree Show, Cleveland College of Art and Design, Hartlepool (2017)


Previous Student Member of AOP

Shutter Hub 

Millennium Images

Photography art graduate based in North East, England.

For more information regarding work, please feel free to get in touch.

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